11 Decore Differences in the Southwest That Make This Area Unique

Decor Differences in the Southwest

The Southwest is a vast and varied region, stretching from Southern California’s deserts to Colorado’s mountains. This diversity is reflected in the architecture and design of the region. Do you know what makes the Southwest so unique? It combines the people, the landscape, and the culture. These elements remarkably impact how people in this area live and decorate their homes. If you’re considering moving to or visiting the Southwest, it’s important to be aware of these differences so that you can appreciate this region for all it offers. This blog post will explore 11 of the most notable Decor Differences in the Southwest!


The most common flooring in the Southwest is tile. Homeowners often prefer this material for its durability and easy maintenance, but you’ll find several other popular options throughout the region. Area Rugs are popular across all styles of homes and can come in many different colors and patterns. Of course, wood flooring and carpeting can also be found in the area, although it’s usually a more limited selection of these materials.


The Southwest is known for its vibrant colors, so if you want to embrace that style in your home, look for bold accent pieces like brightly colored throw pillows or area rugs. Many homeowners use earth tones like red, orange, and yellow in their color schemes. For example, in the living room, Southwestern styles tend to focus on red and brown, whereas kitchen designs may feature blue and green tones. Some popular color combinations that you’ll find throughout the Southwest include turquoise, orange, yellow, white/off-white, black, and gray Some of the more popular materials used in homes in this area are made from local materials like sandstone, clay, and natural wood. Because of the dry climate in this region, many homes feature high ceilings with fans to circulate air around the rooms.


Another thing that makes the area unique is the wide variety of materials available to use in homes. Many Southwestern homes feature textured walls and floors made from materials like adobe or stone. Some homeowners also choose to incorporate natural elements into their decorating style, for example, by using rattan furniture or other wooden furnishings.

Kitchen Decor

The kitchen style in the Southwest varies quite a bit, with some homeowners choosing to use highly decorative tile work in their kitchens. Others may choose traditional furniture styles like rustic wooden tables and chairs. Yet another popular trend is incorporating natural materials like rattan or other wooden furnishings. Overall, these decorating choices add a warm and inviting feel to a kitchen, completing it an ideal place to relax and enjoy a meal.

Living Room Decor

One of the most popular and trending interior design styles in the Southwest is using bright colors, such as turquoise or red when decorating living rooms. Many homeowners may also opt for southwestern-themed decorations, including woven rugs, pillows, wooden clocks, and lamps inspired by Native American culture. Other homeowners may opt for more classic, vintage decor styles in their living rooms instead. They might add antiques or repurposed items to their homes with a unique history or meaning.

Rugs and Tapestries

Another distinctive feature of Southwestern homes is the use of rugs and tapestries. Many homeowners use traditional Southwestern rugs like geometric designs or woven pottery on their floors or walls, which adds a warm and rustic feel to a home. In addition, many homeowners hang tapestries on their homes’ walls. These colorful wall hangings are typically woven with nature scenes and can add a rustic or Southwestern feel to any room in the house.


Another unique aspect of the Southwest is the variety of plants that thrive in this region. While roses and other flowers may be popular in other parts of the country, southwestern gardens are filled with succulents, yuccas, agaves, and cacti. Arid landscapes provide a stunning backdrop for these plants and make this area particularly interesting for gardeners. For example, one homeowner might enjoy the simple beauty of a yucca plant, while another may prefer to grow more flowering plants and shrubs.

Wall Art

Another distinctive feature of southwestern décor is the use of wall art to count color and texture to a room. Many homeowners in this area like to display paintings, photographs, and even tapestries featuring scenes from the local landscape or depictions of indigenous animals and people. This artistic expression sets southwest decor apart from other styles and makes it unique and beautiful. For example, you might incorporate a colorful woven tapestry of desert landscapes or an abstract oil painting featuring bold colors and geometric shapes.

Hallway Look

Running through the center of many southwestern homes is a long hallway that provides an easy way to transition from one room to another. This typically features high ceilings, wood or tile floors, and bright colors that help create a sense of openness in the home. Many homeowners also use this space as a gallery for their favorite photos and wall art. For example, you might hang a series of desert landscape paintings along one wall or display an assortment of square woven rugs in vibrant colors and patterns.

Bathroom Setup

In addition to featuring bold patterns, the southwest décor also employs materials like wood and stone that help create a warm and inviting bathroom space. These bathrooms often include open shelves for displaying decorative items and hammered copper sinks that add a touch of rustic charm. Some homeowners also choose to display an oversized piece of pottery in their bathrooms and a natural-fiber rug.

Decor Fabric

Decor fabric is another hallmark of southwest decor, and it is often used to create cozy window coverings or area rugs. Many people use vibrant colors like red, yellow, and orange in their decor fabrics because these bold hues help create a sense of openness in the home. Additionally, southwestern patterns are common in decorating, as people often use geometric shapes and Native American symbols to add an element of tradition and history.


Southwest décor may be the perfect choice for you if you are scrutinizing for an exceptional and vibrant aesthetic. With its focus on natural materials, bold colors, and intricate patterns, this style is a great way to add warmth and personality to your home. Whether you choose to incorporate southwestern fabrics, rugs, or pottery into your space, you can be sure that your home will feel truly distinct. For rugs, Rug Knots is the perfect place to find unique southwestern designs and patterns that will oblige you to execute the look that you are after. So why wait? Start exploring the beautiful southwest decor options today!

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