Burj Khalifa: Amazing Facts and Things to Know

Facts of burj khalifa
Amzaing Facts about burj khalifa 2022

Dubai is one of the prominent spots for its excellent architecture and towers. Which echoes a bunch of evidence about the chronology of the nation. As we all know this nation is understood for its buildings and skyscraper one such classic of its is the Burj Khalifa. There are however several more buildings and houses with tremendous architecture. But Burj Khalifa is the elegance of the building which has smashed the lists of the highest buildings and skyscrapers in the past. Burj Khalifa ticket and the information you desire to know to appreciate your stop are mentioned below.

Burj Khalifa:

It is one of the tall skyscrapers, that took six total years to be assembled. Which furthermore has extraordinary architecture. Burj Khalifa encompasses clinics, commercial, residential, and bistros. There are 150+ floors on this skyscraper.

Tallest of skyscrapers:

The tallest Skyscraper is deemed as Burj Khalifa which has set a unique record in history. It’s one of the amazing facts that none of the skyscrapers ever to date took down the record. It has got precise detailing and dynamic architecture. This is one of the fascinating facts about the skyscrapers in Dubai. Apart from the tallest skyscrapers, Burj Khalifa retains some other records too. The height is 828 meters.

Some other facts:

Burj Khalifa is significant and has the most elegant architecture. It’s considered the masterpiece of the engineers.

And can be seen from up to approximately 95 kilometers. Which are the major attractions of the country, and got manipulated for various purposes.

It is used for a mixture of purposes like business, hotels, residential apartments, etc.

Things to do:

If you are planning to visit Burj Khalifa these are the things you have to keep in mind and not miss the chances. Some of the things which you can do here are a dinner feast with a grand glorious view of the city, Sunset Experience, aquarium, helicopter tour, Shopping, fabulous fountains hop, photo spot, games, etc.

These are the few things which you can perform on the tallest tour. Firstly comes dinner feast with a grand glorious view of the city while you enjoy the cuisine, a mouth-watering food. You will relish this impression on the 124th floor of the skyscrapers. In addition to this comes the sunset experience. While you enjoy and explore the skyscraper some things shouldn’t be missed. One of such is the sunset views.

Strolling in the tallest skyscraper, how would you miss the mesmerizing view of the sunset? You will be able to witness this on the 124 and 125 floors. After this, comes the aquarium tour. This floor is wholly organized for the water life admirer where you will find a wonderful organization of the water life. Glowing incredible and revealing their glory and attracting the visitor. After this comes the most charming adventure thing to do is the helicopter tour.

Where you will have a clear dimensional perspective. Now, the most favorable part of my stay. As but Khalifa is a multi-purpose tower it contains malls too. Where you can shop and bring some memorable things for remembrances. Another thing you can do here is watch and get amazed by the fountain dances where the area is covered with a gleaming light to give an astonishing view.

Let’s not forget this one activity which you will probably enjoy even after your stay. Yes! Photography. Some of the moments are worth clicking. There are various spots where you can get your amazing pictures to enlighten your social media account and add to your journal for a long time reminders. And finally, comes the best place for the game lovers.

There are even places where you can play and get amused by your stay. These are the few activities which you should miss out on during your stay.


Burj Khalifa is indeed the best tower playing an important role in all ways. It’s as being the ideal destination for all individuals. As there you can enjoy the water life, a quick and interesting air ride, and various other activities. This is all about burj khalifa.



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