Food Delivery Trends That’ll Take You By the Storm!

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Do you know what’s majorly going through a paradigm shift?


What’s powering the transition? Undoubtedly, the credit goes to high-speed internet and the smartphone age. Therefore, restaurants and cafes today emphasize the development of food ordering and delivery applications with the amalgamation of their unique selling point.

These platforms can be compared to a marketplace where customers enter, browse their favorite items, and place orders within the app.

Unsurprisingly, the global food ordering industry is witnessing a rapid rise, and a few factors that contribute to the same are:

– Choice of cuisines that can be ordered online.

– Hectic schedules that make ordering food easier and more convenient than cooking.

– Intriguing marketing by food brands and industry.

Now that many small-sized businesses and startups have come forward to introduce their food ordering and delivery services, it is vital to understand the business requirements inside out.

Therefore, listed below are a few trends that the industry must keep an eye on:

1. Millennials: The Active App Users

If you sit and have a conversation with the millennials, they would mention that most part of their expenses go into ordering food. Thus, it makes them the most significant demographic for food ordering and delivery businesses.

Almost every individual works today, and most live in cities far from their hometown. Coming together of busy schedules and fatigue makes it impossible to cook all the time; thus, millennials end up ordering food from their favorite places, making them the most important customers of the industry.

Not to forget mentioning, developing an efficient app that enables seamless food ordering is no longer a benchmark to stand out from the crowd. Instead, millennials’ choices are rapidly changing, and dealing with their dynamic preferences is the bigger challenge.

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2. Groundbreaking Delivery Channels

According to research, more than 55% of US adults prefer ordering food using food delivery applications. Thus, it has become a primary reason for food businesses to experiment with multiple platforms and draw a solid consumer base.

For instance? Take a look:

– Order Using Twitter

Domino’s is a food brand that has acquired a competitive edge in the market, and it makes sure to introduce trends that intrigue its customers.

And thus, it was the first one to introduce ‘order by tweet’ that has worked like a magnet for food lovers.

What is it?

To use the same, customers must download Domino’s app and save a default order. Once done, Twitter and Domino’s app have to be linked. Users can then tweet a pizza emoji on the company’s Twitter account, and the default order will be delivered in no time.

– Ordering via Virtual Assistants and Smartwatches

Virtual assistants are popular due to the convenience of dictating and commanding these devices, and it’ll be done. For instance, Grub hub works with Amazon’s Alexa to enable customers to place their orders instantly.

Additionally, do you ever think smartwatches could be used to place food orders?

Indeed, the smartwatch market is booming, and various manufacturers are now developing their tie-ups with the food ordering businesses. For example, Domino’s launched its smartwatch app for ordering food via Android watches.

Interesting, isn’t it? 

– Food Orders from Car

Ordering food from the car was an initiative taken by Pizza Hut as the company partnered with Accenture to carry out an in-car ordering mechanism. It enabled customers to place orders via voice commands seamlessly.

3. Modern Delivery Options

As said, there’s always room for improvement, and food businesses are making continuous efforts to enhance the customer’s experience by introducing unique approaches, including drone delivery, robots, parachutes, etc.

Do you agree? 

4. Following a Specific Niche

Having a food ordering and delivery platform for your restaurant or café is a traditional approach. Numerous platforms have now started catering to a specific niche. For instance, Mamasezz and Food Nerd are two top-notch examples.

Using the approach has enabled food businesses to eliminate any entry barriers!

Some niche platforms that acquire massive traction include food waste apps, pet food apps, and virtual kitchens.

5. Crypto Orders

Customers can now utilize cryptocurrencies for placing their food orders.

Shocked? Surprised?

Well, you’ve read that right!

Incorporating cryptocurrencies offers a vast number of options to customers, and they are not restricted to paying from a particular payment gateway.

Thus, the mechanism is called ‘crypto food ordering.’

Final Thoughts 

As mentioned earlier, the technology is improving, leading to a rise in competitors to serve the tastiest food with the most convenient food ordering options.

As more and more enhancements are introduced, customer expectations rise, and businesses invest in building strategies that could cater to their needs.

But how can a business manage strategizing on its own?

It is a question asked by many!

Notably, a top mobile app development company can help businesses turn their app building vision into reality by delivering applaud-worthy solutions.

So, get going!

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