Reserve a room at the top hotels in Washington for a relaxed stay

Washington, D.C., is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It’s known for its political history and cultural events, but it also has some amazing luxury hotels to choose from! If you want to enjoy your stay without feeling rushed or pressured by other travelers, consider one of these top-notch accommodations:

Embassy Suites Washington, D.C.

  • Location: The Embassy Suites Washington, D.C. is located in the heart of downtown Washington D.C., just steps away from the U Street Corridor and many popular restaurants, shops and bars.
  • Amenities: Our modern hotel offers an indoor pool, workout center and free Wi-Fi throughout your stay with us! You’ll also have access to several meeting rooms so you can host your next event or group gathering at our hotel conveniently located near several attractions such as National Mall (1 mile), Lincoln Memorial (2 miles) Union Station (3 miles) and National Airport (10 miles).
  • Rooms & Rates: Our suites feature stylishly designed furnishings including sofa beds for extra sleeping space for guests traveling alone or with another person; work desks equipped with LCD televisions; flat screen HDTVs; complimentary snacks/refreshments delivered daily; microwave ovens; refrigerators/freezers along with coffee makers available upon request if desired when booking online prior to check-in time.*

Moxy Washington, D.C.

Moxy Washington, D.C. is located in the heart of Washington, D.C., and has been voted one of the top hotels in the city by TripAdvisor users. It features an onsite bar and patio area with views of Dupont Circle Park, which offers plenty of outdoor seating options for you to enjoy while you relax or take a walk around your neighborhood.

This hotel also has an impressive list of amenities that will make your stay feel like home:

  • Free WiFi throughout the hotel
  • Complimentary breakfast buffet every morning (the food isn’t amazing but it’s free!)
  • Rooms with hardwood floors and private bathrooms

The Belmont at St. John’s College

The Belmont at St. John’s College is located in historic Washington, DC and offers an ideal retreat for travelers who want to experience the best the city has to offer. The hotel offers spacious rooms with pillowtop beds and plush pillows, private balconies with views of Washington Monument and West Potomac Park, as well as fast Wi-Fi access throughout its property.

In addition to its excellent location, this luxury hotel also features:

  • Complimentary breakfast buffet included in room rate (Monday through Friday)
  • A 24-hour fitness center on site

The Willard InterContinental Washington, D.C.

The Willard InterContinental Washington, D.C., is located at the heart of Washington and offers an array of amenities to make your stay memorable. The hotel has a rooftop bar that overlooks the city, a fitness center and spa, Michelin-starred restaurant and more!

Located in the heart of downtown D.C., this hotel is within walking distance from many attractions like The White House and Capitol Hill museums including National Gallery of Art (NGA). You can also walk outside on Pennsylvania Avenue where there are plenty of shops & restaurants as well as museums such as Museum of Natural History which houses dinosaur bones discovered during excavations performed inside its building foundations dating back over 100 years ago when they were first constructed by Carnegie Steel Company employees who came here seeking work opportunities since their company was facing financial difficulties back home due to wartime conditions caused by World War I fighting efforts overseas which resulted in layoffs affecting thousands upon thousands workers across America causing widespread unemployment throughout cities like New York City where many people lost jobs along with income levels decreasing drastically leading families into poverty levels making them unable afford food items such as bread products made using wheat flour; instead having only potatoes leftovers after dinner meals served during dinner time meals because those days weren’t eaten anymore due

Take advantage of the best luxury hotels in Washington and enjoy a relaxing stay!

Washington is a great place to visit and if you’re looking for luxury hotels in Washington then look no further than this guide. With so many things to do, you’ll have plenty of reasons to stay at one of the best luxury hotels in Washington.

If it’s your first time visiting our nation’s capital city, then there are plenty of things that await you. From museums and monuments (including Mount Rushmore) which tell America’s story through art, music and celebration; or sports arenas where people come together for fun watching their favorite team win games – there are endless opportunities for activities here! And if all else fails try taking some long walks along Constitution Avenue where visitors can experience how beautiful Washington Dc looks at night with its thousands upon thousands lights shining bright across all four sides!


Washington, D.C., is one of the most popular destinations in the country. It’s home to many famous monuments and historical sites, as well as museums and museums that tell stories from American history. The city also has great restaurants and bars where you can enjoy yourself after work or while enjoying a weekend getaway with your partner or friends! If you’re looking for a luxury hotel in Washington then look no further than these five hotels:


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