SimplePractice Vs. Solve: make the right investment

Clinical programming, appointment scheduling, and insurance billing are just a few of the tools that could assist you in making sure that your practice is running effectively. That Solve and SimplePractice both offer all of these capabilities is fantastic. Which software is suitable for you, and how are these services provided? Let’s take a quick look, shall we?

What is SimplePractice Software?

SimplePractice is used by experts in the health and wellness industries to run their businesses and deliver effective services. With access to patient data and earlier prescriptions, doctors can provide consultations utilizing HIPAA-compliant videos. Users have quick access to notes, billing, and scheduling all in one location. It is used in procedures for claim administration, graphing, and documenting. It is always accessible to users and from any place, including mobile devices.

SimplePractice Features

Appointment Scheduling

You can check billing information, medical records, lab results, and more using the specified portal. Customers can message service providers, hold video chats, and set up online appointments.


Anywhere, on any device, you may schedule appointments for safe online consultations with clients. The patient receives the link to start a telemedicine appointment; they don’t need to register or remember a password.

Chat Service

Customers can use online chat and one-on-one video screen sharing to engage with a support specialist over the Internet. Additionally, this service offers beneficial assistance from knowledgeable staff to speed up the transfer process.

SimplePractice Pricing

Three plans are offered:


  • The Start Plan ($29/month)
  • The Essential Plan ($69/month)
  • The Plus Plan ($99/month)

Visit to see the features that are included in each bundle.

SimplePractice Demo

Scheduling a demo is common practice in the industry because utilizing software without one is worthless. It offers a risk-free trial.

SimplePractice Reviews

Every reviewer highlighting how easy it was to use praised the program’s intuitive interface, making it simple to use and install.  All users who cited the learning curve agreed that using a few skills effectively took practice.

What is Solv Software?

Healthcare practitioners can use the cloud-based medical practice management system called Solv Software. It has user-friendly features like electronic health records (EHR), paying for medical services, scheduling patients, and more. While the online appointment booking system makes it easier to make appointments and handle cancellations, the software allows practitioners to maintain their patients’ data in a single, centralised area.

Solv Features

Appointment Scheduling

Setting up appointments and handling cancellations are simple with Solv Healthcare EHR. Patients can make online appointments with the online appointment scheduling system, and practitioners can access and manage their schedules with ease.

Patient Portal

Patients can use the patient portal to access their medical records, make appointment requests, and connect with their doctors. With the use of care planning elements, practitioners can create customized care plans for their patients.

Reporting and Discharge Management

The real-time reporting function of the Solv healthcare EMR offers current information on patient’s conditions, and discharge management aids practitioners in coordinating care and ensuring that patients are released safely.

Solv Pricing

The price of the software is $1. For comprehensive details on all of Solv’s plans, click the ‘Get Pricing’ button.

Solv Demo

To learn more about how Solv health care functions, request a free live demo. To request a demo, click the ‘Watch Demo’ button. The program also provides a risk-free trial.

Solv Reviews

Online reviews for the software are overwhelmingly positive, with customers applauding it for being simple to use and it’s capacity to save both time and money. The program is highly praised for its capabilities, like provider collaboration, care planning, and appointment scheduling.

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SimplePractice Vs. Solv Software—Final Thoughts

SimplePractice offers an easy-to-use user interface and all the capabilities needed to manage standard medical operations. Modern features include Wiley Planners, pre-built templates, a tool for developing personalized forms, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine, a powerful user interface, and a multitude of planning and note-taking tools. The capability provided has a learning curve, like many software products. The customer service is courteous and supportive. However, a lot of individuals thought it would provide instant phone assistance for a more successful plan.

Any healthcare organization wishing to upgrade its EHR and PM systems must use Solv as a crucial tool. The software has a user-friendly interface and is quite simple to use. It also costs just $1 to start using it. Solv is the best option if you’re searching for EHR software that will enable you to save time and money.

The healthcare solution’s system for verifying insurance claims aids practitioners in speeding up the claims process and receiving money more rapidly. By optimizing procedures connected to patient care, Solv healthcare software assists medical practices in saving time and money.

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