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The year 2023 begins with a weather that is reminiscent of the very first days of 2022. Yet, dentists are not planning to endure this kind of challenging and difficult New Year.

A black year for dentists?

For dental surgeon, and any other profession the time is marked by the time of evaluations of all sorts. Whatever the method used for a retrospective, one cannot overlook the main fact that has accompanied us through the entire year in the form of the coronavirus health epidemic. In the spring, dental professionals were already worried 2021 would be similar to 2020, which is already a challenging year for the field. The study of the health professionals’ morale published in December , 2020 from CMV Mediocre already highlighted these problems: “The impact of Covid-19 has been quite negative for dental surgeon, as their turnover as well as their morale have greatly decreased.

Curfews certainly have replaced restrictions, however the strict guidelines of the health protocols remain in use to this day. Dental practices are beginning, as with all other city-based caregivers to tire out. , get tired. Naturally that the public authorities have been able to help the profession by offering them assistance so that they are able to overcome the aforementioned periods of extreme fatigue (Solidarity Fund and loan guarantor from the State, etc.).

These grants are the cause of the discontent of dentists. In the spring of 2020 it was reported that the National Health Insurance Fund paid caregivers the Compensation Scheme for the Loss of Activity (DIPA). At the start of this summer in 2021 the same CNAM requested certain dentists to reimburse an excess amount of these treatments, even though dental practices were facing financial challenges. The trade unions of the profession tried unsuccessfully, to revoke this request for reimbursement insisting that the money that were refunded under the DIPA had already been used.

Dental facilities are already planning for 2022, and in the future years ahead

However, 2021 won’t be just a year of health problems because it let the profession question itself and plan for its future. The profession in 2021 dental profession must be in favor of the ongoing implementation of the 100 health that is intended to ensure access to dental services to all. The profession is now doubting the validity and necessity of this policy, and discussions are in progress to envision an alternative.

In the end, 2021 will remember as being the beginning of a long-lasting and profound change to the health system of public France. As a result of the health crisis in during the Segar de la Santé (summer 2020) set out this ambitious reform regarding the hospital first, and also the city medical. Two topics particularly rattled the profession during this event:

The issue of dental deserts which are criticized by patients, criticized by dentists and doctors themselves, and seen as a major concern by the authorities. The goal of training more dental surgeon in future and the issue of the position for foreign dentists and the growth of the role of dental assistants to help save medical time … These are the kinds of things that have been the focus of these last few days in the past year.

The recurrence of the squabble between dentists in private practice and dental clinics after a number of current circumstances has led, conjunction with the law, fierce debates within the dental profession itself.

This is why it was a difficult year for dentists that they have endured in 2021 hoping of 2022 being a serene year.

And what do you be able to remember from the year 2021? What do you think about the year 2022 that begins, Dentist in lahore?


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